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Jila Naeini (PhD in TEFL) Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in TEFL) General Psychology (MA) ELT DEPARTMENT, Alzahra University Faran Mehre Danesh Elearning Edu, Ins

Psychology in classrooms

Psychology is the study of the human mind and human behaviour. Its areas of interest include both the workings on an individual’s mind and the way that people behave in pairs and groups. Its theories and research touch on processing abilities such as memory and thinking, as well as more …

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Carl Jung’s Theory Of Personality: Archetypes & Collective Unconscious

Jung’s Theory of Personality Analytical psychologist Carl Jung is well known for his theory of personality. This theory suggests that personality is inherited and part of the collective unconscious—which includes both conscious and unconscious aspects. According to Jung, personality appears in the form of archetypes, or universal patterns of thought and …

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